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GP 2010 News

Post  Minviki on Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:02 pm

There are some questions about the new GP2010 car set, which will be based on real world racing. Many of these questions concern the circuits and teams, which are not decided yet.

In short, if a situation changes during the course of the season (for example a team coming in, or quiting), we will release an updated new edition of the carset to reflect this, and keep the old version for private games only.

This is in contrast to previous seasons where to take an example of our now remodelled F1 carsets, we left a small Japanese F1 team still in the carset despite them only completing the first few races of a season. The same goes for circuits, a new East-Asia circuit may not be ready in time for instance.

The big question concerns the release date for this new carset. We hope to have a release set for around 14th-18th March.

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